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Justin Noel

@calendee (893)

I've switched to @SimpleAnalytic for my website. No more tracking, spying, etc. on my users - just simple stats th… https://t.co/3UJoPMwdof

Pieter Levels ✨

@levelsio (59k)

In 💖 love with https://t.co/1MWoLSgUa6, 📊 privacy-friendly analytics. You can use your own domain like sa.nomadlis… https://t.co/Wc0EZND8Oj

Adriaan van Rossum

@AdriaanvRossum (1.7k)

@gh05t_r00t We have more https://t.co/9fsmYWrrft and https://t.co/jR7A0O0L8W You're welcome!


@snipcart (5.7k)

Usually when we think of tracking site performance, Google Analytics is our "go-to." But there are other options.… https://t.co/GOIopJD6qY

Hugo Di Francesco

@hugo__df (546)

@thepatwalls @Booligoosh @rrhoover @BuyMeACoffeeHQ ✅MakerWidget ✅Simple Analytics https://t.co/UAogSK2DXP thanks… https://t.co/kwpZPAeBtX

Adriaan van Rossum

@AdriaanvRossum (1.2k)

🚀 Implement HTTP/2 Server Push for @SimpleAnalytic. 🤗 It's tells the browser to load the assets directly (so no wa… https://t.co/FK52ANgTJ5

Akshay Kadam(A2K) 👻

@deadcoder0904 (365)

@sobedominik Yes, by all means, install a chat widget but you can do it as @AdriaanvRossum did for… https://t.co/mLME1xgU8H

Simple Analytics

@SimpleAnalytic (102)

👋 Awesome and welcome @graphitedocs! 🕶 Great to see people actually care about privacy and about not storing IPs… https://t.co/PwHvqdDdw8

Pete Nykänen

@pete_tnt (209)

@JoshWComeau https://t.co/XXq4ZpV6gw this one?

Adriaan van Rossum

@AdriaanvRossum (1.3k)

Added more ways for people to contact our support team at Simple Analytics. ☎️ https://t.co/u2b2eOWX93